Saturday, January 13, 2007

on being a woman

not long ago my son asked if i like being a woman or if i thought i would prefer to have been born a boy and become a man. his question surprised me because i suppose i thought it would be obvious that being a woman is the most beautiful way to live. i love being a woman. his question, though, started my pondering what it is that i like about being feminine and what it is that defines such a thing for me. what does being a woman mean to me and what makes me feel like a woman?

i contemplated many things, such as wearing silk stockings and soft cotton panties (which i adore), struggling with monthly cycles (which i've always accepted lovingly), laboring in childbirth (my greatest achievement), striving to find my authentic woman's voice in a patriarchal world (my hardest work), and many other things.

i considered my favorite memory of all i have experienced, and that of breastfeeding my babies. it seems to me breastfeeding offers two of life's richest gifts, those being to nourish another and to nurture another, for i feed my baby at the same time of holding and embracing her.

there is much i could say about the life of being a woman, about my connection with the world i live in and about relationship to all things. but in all my pondering i have come to this, that what most makes me feel like a woman is that of receiving and taking in. when i am with my beloved and i take him in, i receive the universe, and in receiving him, i and the earth become one.

i would love to know the many things that make you feel like a woman, what being a woman means to you. your answers help me deepen my own....


mermaid said...

For me, it's being powerful in my silence.

diana christine said...

hi mermaid. thank you. i think strength...and being powerful...speak of what it is to be a woman. women are strong, and all the more so for being able to be strong and soft at the same time.

i spend a lot of time in the silence. i embrace silence. i absorb silence. i communicate with silence...herein is the source of life.

vava said...

I pondered on this question with much efforts when I had body image problems,and I guess I was upset at people's words most of the time because I was not attune to how I felt.

I think the greatest thing about being a woman is that we embrace our feelings, we embrace our emotions and our sensitivity and therefore more in touch with what we really desire, what our passion are. We grow in this way, internally, we shine through in the end.

anjilala said...

Saying you would prefer to be a woman because it is the most beautiful way to live is like a desert lizard saying it would rather be a desert lizard than a penguin because being a desert lizard is a very warm way to live, when the reason the desert lizard likes being so hot is because it is a desert lizard; Men really like to be men. Also, how do you expect men to easily understand that being a woman is the most beautiful way to live when men think, act, and feel differently from women and thus never experience thinking, acting, and feeling like women?

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing. Reminded me of a Dorothy Allison quote I have always loved:

"The dark was female. And god was dark. God was dangerous, big frightening, mysterious and female. And blasphemous."

Diana said...

I am so glad that I found your site. Being female...for me...means helping other women be comfortable and understand the gift that God has given them. Goddess, Diva, yourself and claim yourself. Because that is the key to all other things in life.