Saturday, January 13, 2007

on being a woman

not long ago my son asked if i like being a woman or if i thought i would prefer to have been born a boy and become a man. his question surprised me because i suppose i thought it would be obvious that being a woman is the most beautiful way to live. i love being a woman. his question, though, started my pondering what it is that i like about being feminine and what it is that defines such a thing for me. what does being a woman mean to me and what makes me feel like a woman?

i contemplated many things, such as wearing silk stockings and soft cotton panties (which i adore), struggling with monthly cycles (which i've always accepted lovingly), laboring in childbirth (my greatest achievement), striving to find my authentic woman's voice in a patriarchal world (my hardest work), and many other things.

i considered my favorite memory of all i have experienced, and that of breastfeeding my babies. it seems to me breastfeeding offers two of life's richest gifts, those being to nourish another and to nurture another, for i feed my baby at the same time of holding and embracing her.

there is much i could say about the life of being a woman, about my connection with the world i live in and about relationship to all things. but in all my pondering i have come to this, that what most makes me feel like a woman is that of receiving and taking in. when i am with my beloved and i take him in, i receive the universe, and in receiving him, i and the earth become one.

i would love to know the many things that make you feel like a woman, what being a woman means to you. your answers help me deepen my own....