Saturday, November 11, 2006

erotic potential

I am Lilith, Dark Goddess of untamed erotic power. I am the Goddess of feminine wild instinctual knowing, free of restraints. I am the creative power of the Void.

In the past, Millennia ago, I was the Great Goddess of all the Semitic people. It was I who brought agriculture to them and protected midwives and children. This was before the dark times when the feminine was repressed. In Biblical tradition, I was cast as first woman, created simultaneously with Adam, but I fled paradise and my controlling mate.

Now I want to tell you what really happened.

In the beginning, Adam and I enjoyed our wild sexuality and lived as partners in the magical, sexual, pulsing dance of life. But something happened and he began to change. He acted as if he was the wiser one and could tell me what to do. And worse, he criticized my wildness (I was a woman who ran with the wolves to be sure).
And then the day came when he insisted that we make love with him on top, weighing me down and restricting my movement, making me passive. Although I was always one for variety, he persisted in this request; he refused to let me get on top as well. I knew he wanted to dominate me in a way that felt disrespectful, out of balance and denying my own eroticism. And so I refused.

He complained to Yahweh, who came against me and I shape shifted into a dark bird and flew away. Of course, they replaced me with a more compliant Eve who was supposed to be submissive, self-sacrificing and chaste. But even she got the blame for acting on her own and eating of the fruit of wisdom.

In Medieval times you will find references to my name as a fearsome demonness. I was supposed to be responsible for men’s wet dreams and I was accused of stealing babies. But it is all a pack of lies to keep women from trusting in their own instincts.

Now, I am returning to your consciousness and I am your free, untamed, and independent self.

Call on me to help you reclaim your erotic potential. Call on me to reclaim your creative power and your wildness. I am Lilith, the ancient one.

Check out the rest of Linda Savage's The Legacy of Lilith: Reclaiming Women’s Untamed Erotic Potential. A stirring read!


Patia said...

A) I was just thinking about you yesterday, J, and thinking I should check in. So it's wonderful to see you posting today. I hope you are doing well.

B) I SO needed to read this today. Thank you.

Susan said...

Empowering! Thanks for posting.

BohemeMama said...

This is f@#$ing awesome.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Greetings! - am glad to have found this blog. I'm off to explore further and hope to see you around.