Friday, April 07, 2006

insecurities and uncertainties

For some time now, this community participation factor of this blog has steadily decreased. I certainly don't want to be a nay-sayer, (I picture an old goat naying when i say that word...baaah!) but perhaps it's time I faced the facts.

I am certain that there are many reasons for the decrease to a trickle in participation. Life is about change after all. Now, I must determine if EWAG's time is spent or if it is just in need of change. If it is time to let go, then I will have great comfort in knowing that this lil goddess blog has given much joy. It has served its purpose of acceptance well.

Thank you for being a part of it, from the depths my heart.

Weigh in on this...let me know how you feel about it. Now's the time to speak and be heard, dear goddesses.


funkyjunkie said...

no, no, no ... the goddess blog can't go anywhere. While, yes, I'll admit that I'm sorely lacking in my participation.

I don't think ending EWAG is the answer, but maybe consider a change in focus, or a widened focus or ... I don't know ... I always have a million thoughts to post (most surrounding pregnancy or the lack thereof). But, intentions only get you so far, I guess.

But, really, you're the blog admin, so the choice is ultimately yours.

BohemeMama said...

I personally need to post more. And I plan on it. So if you keep it, I'll be here!

littlehedgehog said...

I love this blog. I frequently forget to write anything because my brain is taken up with knitting and yarn these days and I assume most people would find it boring. But I do have two projects that I should post about here. And I'll do that!

dawn said...

Yes, this is a great place to visit. And i do need to participate more, thanks for the nudge.

It is your no hard feelings if you decide to ditch it.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

I appreciate the feedback. It helped me see something more clearly. Thank you.

I believe that anything you goddesses feel like sharing is relevant, but it's up to you to believe in your importance. I see a woman (womyn) who is moving towards this self-acceptance as a goddess. Thus, you are all goddesses capable of creating great beauty in my eyes.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

I have just put up a notice for all members who wish to continue as an active part of the blog to email me. Since you four have already spoke of your enthusiasm (thanks for that), I will include you on the list automatically.

My plan is to revamp the look a bit, include some background info on all members and add some features.