Wednesday, March 15, 2006

to be a knowledgeable woman

For the past year, I've had reason to be, perhaps, overtly tuned in to my body's rhythm and reproductive capabilities. I'll admit, this is all due to stopping hormonal birth control, trying to conceive, conceiving, losing a pregnancy and being post-partum. It's helped me to be more in tune with my body and pushed me to learn more - only to learn there's more to learn!

Today, I found this web page ... ... which is somewhat thorough on the hormonal and cultural events surrounding a women's cycle. Rather interesting and perfectly fitting for this blog ... since we're so woman-centric. :)

Plus, as I have learned so much about my body, I believe it is beneficial for every woman to learn what she can about her body's natural processes. It is helpful, too, in cases of "abnormal" natural processes in the search of diagnosis and treatment.

If we know our bodies and trust our intuitions, we can be more involved with the medical processes and take charge of our care. I've realized doctors only know so much and have other patients & distractions, so we need to approach our care with knowledge and interest & not assume doctor always knows best.


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

i believe wisdom is not within the ideas outside of ourselves, but within the cells of our bodies. being spiritual in and thru the physical is how i used to explain it, but spirituality isn't a requirement. it only takes the practice of communicating with our bodies, rather than ignoring. i think women are naturally more adept at this, given our continual hormonal cycles.

BohemeMama said...

Dr Christine Northrup and Dr Mona Lisa Schulz have written wonderful books for Women on all things intuitive for our body-minds.