Tuesday, February 28, 2006

state of anxiety diary.

I'm really not sure how I found this web diary ... but, she mentioned pregnancy and that's my current obsession, so I had to read.

What struck me in her February entry is how her journey from being pregnant to not being pregnant finds her in an abortion clinic - and not by choice. Basically, she loses the baby but doesn't miscarry, leaving her to have, technically, an abortion. But, in the "official" hospital world, when a fetus dies, it's called D&C (dilation & curettage) or D&E (dilate & extraction).

Had her insurance not been in a grace period, she would have been in the hospital for the D&C, but instead she was sent to the clinic down the street. As she makes her appointment with the clinic, she is told there will be protesters, and that's when she realizes she will be at an abortion clinic.

It's striking to read this, knowing she is there because nature made her choice, but to those protesters, she is there killing a baby. Only goes to show, there is always more to the story.

And, crazy how one gynecological medical procedure can produce so many emotions and opinions, just depending on which term you use. Something to think about ...

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Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

Jess, I appreciate this post very much. I wish women had more balanced support in this area. Instead of compassion, women are surrounded by fear. Your statement "...there is always more to the story" cannot be stressed enough.