Saturday, January 14, 2006

Momentary Lapse of Reason

There is a moment...
And we get caught up
Realising, we are you

We dress like you
We talk like you
We act like you
We become one and the same
We are mirror images

There is comfort in this
There is safety in our numbers
Not having to think
Only alive on the surface

Smooth as silk no jagged edges
It’s the way we want to be
There’s no fear of failure
When you don’t have much invested

There is a moment...
And we know
We will never be like you

We won’t dress like you
Or talk like you
Or act like you
We despise all you represent

There is comfort in this
Being non-comformist
There’s a thrill and no safety
Living on the edge

Hard as glass and broken
It’s the way we want to feel
Failure is the best teacher
When you live in the moment

NOTE: This is something I penned just the other day (and also posted on my blog) - I was musing about what it was like to be part of the 'in-crowd' (which I wasn't) - and then being part of the 'out-crowd' (which I most definitely was *grin*) - and I began to ponder the 'sheep-like' mentality of being like every other 'Barbie doll' and the anger and resentment that was directed towards them by any 'odd-girl-out' if you will - sort of how I imagine an artiste like Ani DiFranco or Tori Amos started - but even though I always felt like I was 'outside looking in', I knew deep down I was somehow 'OK' but it took me years to realise how much power I had within the true *ME* and much much better off I was in being so different. I know that perhaps this prose I wrote might have some negativity to it but if thoughts could just bleed onto paper then - at that moment in time - it would be so much clearer - but envy and pain and the feeling of 'not belonging' are all still very much a part of being a 'Goddess in training' and I thank the Goddess every day for giving me the strength to really embrace the 'trueness' of my real self.


Patia said...

Very nice, thank you. I like the idea of "goddesses in training."

jeanette said...

Great site, Patia and sister-goddesses!

As a fellow "goddess in training", too, I believe that we belong to ourselves and the power of who we are. I've long ago chucked the idea of trying to "fit in" anywhere and just relish being me.

I figured--those who stay with me for being me are the true family and friends of my heart and soul. Those who don't, aren't.