Tuesday, December 06, 2005

saddest news

One of our goddesses has recently experienced a loss, please visit her blog and send some love her way.

FunkyJunkie this is for you:

i saw her there
a mother
the glow of creation
bright within her

i saw her embrace her child
a tiny being
more luminescent ether than form
with a tenderness and acceptance
that filled me with love

then, i saw her say goodbye
to a miracle
and my heart bled
but i knew somehow
she would always be

a mother
the glow of creation
bright within her

My deepest condolences, dear one.


feminine expressions said...


your tribute is beautiful. thank you for pointing us to our friend's sad time that we may join you in sending our love.

thank you for all you do.

diana christine

atomicvelvetsigh said...

jennifer.. this poem touched me so deep.. making me remember my mom too.. who passed away new years eve, 2 years ago...

thank you for sharing this poem, i know your friend would love it as much as i do..

funkyjunkie said...

thank you.

thank you for recognizing that i am and will always be a mother to the child i never really had.

thank you.