Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hi from Crafty Chica!

I was so excited to have been invited to post on this blog, and then I got so busy I never wrote anything!

Now on the eve of a new year, I'm doing it! I apologize for the delay. I just want to wish all of you a very happy 2006. My goal this year is just to stop and appreciate more and make the most of my time.

I'm usually juggling three-four things at a time, and because of that I eat badly. Today I announced to my family that I was going to go out for a walk. They all stopped and then laughed, like I was cracking a joke. Mommy leave the art room or computer to go walk? They know I would rather have the stomach flu, a bad haircut and a sour mocha before I'd consider any kind of exercise.

But their their disbelief only juiced up my motivation! I've lost 12 pounds so far and I know I have to move more in order to continue the shrinking process. I'm ready to do that. So within minutes of their heckles, I had my new Special K pedometer on, my sneakers, iPod and... I went for a power walk!!! I'm chubby, this was not easy for me, but I want my body to be as healthy as my mind, so I'm shaving it off a pound at a time.

I chose to walk 3/4 of a mile up the sidewalk to the Dunlap Avenue intersection. 3/4 of a mile is nothing to normal people, for me it may as well have been 3 miles. That was my mental goal. To make it to Dunlap. Every block I passed I wanted to turn around and go back, and then pat myself for going at least that far. But then another little voice (a spirit goddess perhaps?) would tell me, "Just finish!". I went through this Jan Brady-like conversation EVERY block. I noted that it was a good thing I never sent in an app to The Biggest Loser, I would have been booted the first week. The next moment, I looked up and I was a Dunlap Ave.!

There on the corner was a guy in a cell phone suit waving at drivers to stop in the cell phone store on the corner. I waved at him and then marched up to the edge of the sidewalk and stomped on it with my feet, pivoted around and walked back. It was such an empowering moment for me! The journey home was much quicker.

The best feeling was stepping through the front door and having my kids and husband cheer for me. This is such a goofy story, but with only hours away from a new year, I feel like I'm ready to make my way to many more Dunlap Avenue's to come...

Peace, love and glitter to you all!



div(eye)ne 2005now you see you don't!

happy 2006, goddesses! wishing you all love, healing and strength in the 365 days to come.

take some time, pat yourself on the back and take a deep breath. then, raise your arms to the sky, look up and shout "I DID IT!" because it takes guts to truly live. i raise my goblet to you!

the eye that sees your beauty

Thursday, December 22, 2005


"Almost all photos selling something have been touched up: magazine covers, fashion articles, adverts, record covers and so on. You'll see how easy it is to alter someone's appearance."

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Appreciate the invite... join this strong group of writers, thinkers, sharers (is that a word?).

I'm Dana, a name that's pronounced differently (Dah-nuh) than every other Dana (Day-nuh) out there. Which is not always a bad thing.

My last name, Graves, is easy, you'd think, but hard to get across sometimes, even spelling it out. That V just rhymes with too many letters. So I tend to say "Graves, like in a graveyard, ya know?" to people. The ones who laugh are good.

I have 3 degrees. I'm thinking about getting another, a master's in library science. My law degree has been very good for thinking skills -- & arguing, such fun! -- but practicing law, not so much. I liked law school way more than actual law firms.

I'm a news junkie, political activist, collector of cool stuff, & read way too many non-mind-improving novels. Oh. Well. Can't be too smart.....

The photo is me at 3 in a classic 1950's neighborhood. Think the black eye was a harbinger of things to come?


There’s a small boy in my school, a sixth grader, who rides around in a tiny little wheelchair and has a one-on-one aide to help him. Every day I see him leaving school; he wheels cheerfully outside with his aide and his mother picks him up in her van. He can walk; I’m not sure exactly why he’s in the wheelchair; it has something to do with his bones breaking easily.

Yesterday, I left right at dismissal and I passed the mother’s van just in time to see her lifting her small boy in through the side door. In a split-second interval I watched a choreography that the two of them have rehearsed every day -- how many times, how many days, of this? -- The boy, standing straight and stiff in front of his mother, so that she could wrap her arms around him and, a small person herself, gently hoist him up into the van. There was so much poetry in his simple, patient, expectant pose; in her sure and steady balance. The routine fluidity of the movement told a story; In that fraction of a moment I secretly witnessed the simple dance of love between a mother and her beautiful, bright-eyed, breakable boy.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

things i've learned being single

one is a whole number. peace alone is better than bad couplehood. sometimes it's ok to have extra pieces left over after building furniture (sometimes it is not). i can change a lightbulb by stacking two telephone books on a bar stool. a light bulb doesn't break when it flies across a room when i fall (if it lands in a basket of fresh laundry). it's possible to spend an entire weekend from five o'clock friday night until nine o'clock monday morning not talking to another person and be perfectly happy. a fantasy can last longer than some guys. food in the freezer has an expiration date for a reason. the sun comes up after a sleepless night. a car's tires need to have the air checked once in a while. the toilet seat and its lid can be down all the time. sometimes fastening a necklace is impossible. there are men who want you to be weak with them but strong for them. sometimes i love eating a bowl of cereal for dinner instead of cooking. sometimes i fix food for my neighbors just for the opportunity to cook. dating can really suck. i can open a bottle of champagne by myself but a vase on a shelf across the room is in danger. a mechanic can be really expensive. women are powerful. soy milk is sexy in a wine glass. a mouse stays alive when caught in a glue stick and killing then becomes humane (and i don't have the courage to be humane). a mouse doesn't understand apologies. some men will hit on you even though they have no interest in seeing you again. my life is busier and more full than i would have imagined a single person could be. some rental cars lock automatically if you step out of them even if the engine is running. young guys like older women. only when you are all you have do you truly learn you are all you need. i really do want someone to tell me if i look fat in this dress. a bed is more fun with two. soaking in a hot bath with salts and suds, with candles and music, is a great way to spend an evening. i wouldn't want to be with a man who doesn't have as much fun with the grandkids as i do. it's ok to ask for help. friends are priceless.

photo posted with the permission of the artist graham jeffrey

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

saddest news

One of our goddesses has recently experienced a loss, please visit her blog and send some love her way.

FunkyJunkie this is for you:

i saw her there
a mother
the glow of creation
bright within her

i saw her embrace her child
a tiny being
more luminescent ether than form
with a tenderness and acceptance
that filled me with love

then, i saw her say goodbye
to a miracle
and my heart bled
but i knew somehow
she would always be

a mother
the glow of creation
bright within her

My deepest condolences, dear one.