Saturday, November 26, 2005

cover up

poise I received some foundation samples in the mail from Afterglow Cosmetics a couple of days ago. I was excited because I have not worn much makeup in years as my skin is super sensitive and my struggle with hormone imbalance has made it worse. It was play time!! Then, the oddest thing happened. I looked in the mirror after I was done and freaked out. I felt like I was looking at someone else (maybe a good looking drag queen), but I decided I would leave the makeup on for awhile to see how my skin would react. My skin seems not to mind it at all, yay, and it offers incredible coverage with the use of a very small amount.

That's exactly what scared me. It covered all my flaws. Made me I basing my identity now on my flaws solely? Ah! It's all a stage for the drama I call me. he he

Stage left. Creatrix enters and bows: I am grateful to all who came here and joined me in a sisterhood of acceptance. I see you and honor you! xo


JohnFen said...

Your flaws are an important part ofyou and should not be denied. But neither should you define yourself by them.

Speaking from a male perspective, I find that 99% of all women look much better without makeup, except when being professionally photographed (because of the lighting, I'm sure.) It's a woman's imperfections that bring out and highlight her beauty. Without imperfections, people look plastic. And plastic is rarely beautiful.

dawn said...

A Goddess you are with or without the paint.

I agree with JohnFen, I almost always find the quirky things about people attractive. And confidence. Nothing sexier than confidence.

BohemeMama said...

Yes, you are beautiful:-) PS You are a Woman, how could you not be??

Meg said...

Interesting you should say that you think you look like a drag queen (which I don’t think you do) that is my exact reaction when I or someone else puts make-up on me. Nice to know I am not alone in that way of thinking, thanks

msbrooksie said...

I don't wear much make up anymore either. I use to never leave the house with out it or not taking a shower and washing my hair.

Now I just throw my hair up in a ponytail, no make up, and I feel better about myself because I didn't make a fuss about what I looked like.

Granted all I did was check the mail but is it on the other side of the townhouse and there are pleanty of nice looking men who live here..