Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oriental & Universal

Hi, all the gorgeous ladies! I’m a newbie on “Every Woman Is a Goddess”. I was skimming blogs on blogspot.com by clicking on “NEXT BLOG”. I was like, next, next, next and next. Finally, something stopped me. It’s “Every Woman Is a Goddess”. Thanks to creatrix for accepting my joining here.

My name is Yu (with the 4th tone)-Hua (with the 2nd tone). We have 5 tones for each sound/pronunciation. With different characters, there’re hundreds of words with “the same sound and the same tone” which can stand for different characters. Different characters in different terms or phrases could generate different meanings. Are you feeling dizzy right now? I’ll let you know how to pronounce my name correctly when we have a chance to meet up face to face someday. :)

I’ve a blog, too: lyh0626. The content is all-inclusive and wordy. If you don’t mind feeling sleepy reading it, come check it out sometime (and sometimes).

Glad to join this community. I’ll come back later and post more.

Have a good one!

Yu-Hua / lyh/ Monica / Lin[surname] (4 names, pick one you like)


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

Welcome Lin! Thank you for that introduction. :) big goddess hug to you.

Susan said...

So nice to have you join our Goddess family.