Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Love Your Body

October 19th has been declared Love Your Body Day by the National Organization for Women Foundation.

Here are a few ways I like to appreciate my body as it is, not as some advertising executive thinks it should be:

- paint or photograph a self-portrait
- wear clothes that are comfortable and expressive of my personality, not some fashion fad
- eat and drink healthfully but not because I need to lose weight

Shouldn't every day be Love Your Body Day? How do you celebrate your body exactly as it is?


lyh0626 said...

to me, body, mind and soul are associated with one another. when either one of them is unhealthy, it would affect the other two to some extent, consciously or unconsciously.

so, sleep well, eat well, think positively, and do what is good for the self, the others and the world.

the positive effects and feedback will return to and be good to the self eventually.

feith said...

good sex.
lots of water.
moisturize! I love how it feels.
I don't shave in the winter. I get too dry if I do.
I'm with you on the comfy clothes - not fashion slavery.

THanks for the post.:)


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

i too enjoy self-portraiture, though it tends to be more of a witnessing the not so shiny parts and allowing them to be a part of me. i thoroughly enjoyed that! isn't it great to say it even aloud? LOVE YOUR BODY. I like that!