Friday, October 28, 2005

goddess interview revisited

Based on my previous post on goddess interview questions and the comments I received, I've added two more questions. That makes seven in total, the last being made up by the interviewer herself.

Basics: name (how they'd like to be addressed), age, and location.

1. What feminine aspect do you like most about yourself? What feminine aspect do you admire most in your women friends?

2. If you were to adapt an archetype, would you consider yourself a maiden, mother, crone, or goddess?

3. What is the most important thing a woman can do for herself?

4. Is there an activity or process that you use during times of imbalance that provides you with some inner peace?

5. Tell us about a woman that influenced your view of the feminine.

6. What does feminism mean to you? Is there an area of feminism that interests you?

7. Interviewer's own question to go here.

What do you all think?

Edit (11/2/05) Here is the original post that sparked these questions to recap:
What would you goddesses think about interviewing another goddess? Perhaps someone you admire that lives her life as a strong spirit of femininity, as you see it of course? I would like to create a regular feature that honors a goddess one of us knows and celebrates her life. What do you all think? and would you be willing to contribute?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Courage in Journalism Awards and Lifetime Achievement Award

"The only awards program exclusively for international women journalists, the IWMF's Courage in Journalism Awards honor women journalists who have shown extraordinary strength of character and integrity while reporting the news under dangerous or difficult circumstances. The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a woman journalist who has a pioneering spirit and whose determination has paved the way for future generations of women in the media."

Winners of the 2005 awards

Monday, October 24, 2005


'Womenomics' good for the Japanese
2005-10-23 / Bloomberg / By William Pesek Jr.

'In August 1999, Kathy Matsui raised many a male eyebrow in Japan with a report on how the future of the No.2 economy was in women's hands. Goldman Sachs (Japan) Ltd.'s chief strategist called the phenomenon "womenomics."

Women have been a powerful economic force for some time. Since many single females live with their parents, they pay little rent and have a disproportionate amount of disposable income. Take away their spending at department stores, travel agencies and fancy eateries and some of the men standing in the way of gender equality probably wouldn't have jobs.

That dynamic will only grow as companies warm to entrusting key jobs to women, especially now that Japan's recovery is encouraging employers to hire again. That's an important development in a nation that's reluctant to ease immigration laws to import labor.

Were Japanese female labor participation rates to hit U.S. levels, per capita income would be 5.8 percent higher, Matsui says. Such girl power would provide a nice boost to Asia's biggest economy.'

That's what's happening in Japan.
How's 'womenomics' in the U.S.? ~ lyh ~

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What is it with women and pillows?

I have six pillows on my bed in various shapes and sizes. That's not including the pillowtop mattress or the down comforter. (Or the two cats.)

I realize this is excessive, but I can't seem to help myself. I know many other women are the same way. Are pillows some kind of survival strategy hardwired into the female brain? Is it a DNA-level trait -- or some kind of psychological weakness? Am I a compulsive comfort-seeker?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Love Your Body

October 19th has been declared Love Your Body Day by the National Organization for Women Foundation.

Here are a few ways I like to appreciate my body as it is, not as some advertising executive thinks it should be:

- paint or photograph a self-portrait
- wear clothes that are comfortable and expressive of my personality, not some fashion fad
- eat and drink healthfully but not because I need to lose weight

Shouldn't every day be Love Your Body Day? How do you celebrate your body exactly as it is?

goddess with a bump.

I haven't posted in a long while ... even my own blog is feeling neglected these days. I can easily blame it on "my condition." They say that with pregnancy a woman is very likely to feel very, um, spacey, as if simply being pregnant is enough of a distraction.

So, here I am, a goddess with a bump ... a nearly 16 weeks bump which will be a baby in early April. And, here I am, desperately avoiding my worst fear - the mommy haircut (ala Joan Cusack in Raising Helen).

Tonight, I was searching through information on vegetarian pregnancy and was led to a chunk of non-mainstream pregnancy and parenting resources. Thank goodness. While many consider "What to Expect when you're Expecting" the bible of pregnancy books, I find it somewhat rigid at times and am very glad to find resources that are more real and hearty and womanly to guide me along.

Once such resource is HipMama. The site is a collection of articles written by moms who don't necessarily chaffeur a minivan full of children to school, practices, activities, events, etc. etc. And, it's not just about being a mom or being pregnant ... it's also about being a woman and participating in life as a woman.

Maybe you'll enjoy an introduction to the site by reading the interview with Lorig Charkoudian about her heading up a Starbucks nurse-in to advocate breastfeeding in public. It's a good reminder that becoming a mother won't suddenly render me inactive with my opinions. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


What do all you ladies think about your Moon cycles? I find it to be a very introspective time. Were you raised to see the sacredness of it, or to abhor "aunt flo"? Just curious, as I just had to get off the pill, because it makes me feel crazy and that's my question...:)

Oriental & Universal

Hi, all the gorgeous ladies! I’m a newbie on “Every Woman Is a Goddess”. I was skimming blogs on by clicking on “NEXT BLOG”. I was like, next, next, next and next. Finally, something stopped me. It’s “Every Woman Is a Goddess”. Thanks to creatrix for accepting my joining here.

My name is Yu (with the 4th tone)-Hua (with the 2nd tone). We have 5 tones for each sound/pronunciation. With different characters, there’re hundreds of words with “the same sound and the same tone” which can stand for different characters. Different characters in different terms or phrases could generate different meanings. Are you feeling dizzy right now? I’ll let you know how to pronounce my name correctly when we have a chance to meet up face to face someday. :)

I’ve a blog, too: lyh0626. The content is all-inclusive and wordy. If you don’t mind feeling sleepy reading it, come check it out sometime (and sometimes).

Glad to join this community. I’ll come back later and post more.

Have a good one!

Yu-Hua / lyh/ Monica / Lin[surname] (4 names, pick one you like)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Goddess Greetings~

Hey ladies! Sarah here, saying hi. First, I adore this blog! Second, I have to say, Fiona Apple's new cd is amazing...she is such a Goddess.
My Memaw(Grandma) says all the time, "Thank Goddess for.." this, and "I swear to Goddess" to that..isn't that great???
My children are in need of taming, but I am so happy to be amongst you girlies. Peace, Sarah


It really bothers me when people, especially women, apologize for no reason. For example, yesterday I was at the gym and I sat down on a bench to take off my sneakers, and the woman next to me said. “oh, I’m sorry.” I looked at her and said, “for what?” and she said, “for taking up so much room.” She wasn’t; only the amount of room that her rearend covered, which was average-sized.

I started noticing a few years ago how often women do this, and it pisses me off.

My standard answer has become, “for what? Don’t apologize!” Maybe I can change the world, one woman at a time. But I doubt it.

Women apologize for taking up space. Even the way they – we – sit is apologetic, arms & legs folded to as small a shape as possible. I notice that men, when they sit, sit with their legs apart & take up as much space as possible. Without apology.

When women are in front of you in the grocery store line and need to put all their groceries on the belt to get rung up: “I’m sorry—I have so many things.” It’s a grocery store! I expect you to be buying food! And lots of it, because grocery shopping stinks, and you should get it over with!

If you step on my foot, run into my Achilles tendon with your cart, ding my car with your SUV, then you should apologize. Don’t apologize for being in line in front of me, getting to the door just before me, or breathing the nearby air. Really, it’s OK; you have a right to be there.

It bothers me when women act weak. Although ... some women over-compensate for the implied vulnerability of our gender by being overly abrasive or tough. But that’s a topic for a different day.

For today, let’s focus on feeling OK about the fact that we live on this planet and to do so, we sometimes need a little bit of room.

(This piece was originally posted at 11.5)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

a reminder

Secrets Can Be Told by Sarah Elise Stauffer

One of the best thing about putting myself out there and sharing my approach to honesty is that I cross paths with amazing beings (like you all here) who are working towards the same goal. Sarah's art reminds me that it is never a mistake to trust your intuition and forge ahead when you're ready.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by jecate.

I am not exempt from the battle of within vs. without. Sometimes I wish I could be "bright and shiny," but that sacred and feminine darkness has become more valuable to me. It is a great source of creative power.

I hope that here can be a continued sharing of such power.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

New Moon

In honor of my induction into Goddesshood, and in celebration of the feminine cycles of the moon, which wanes to darkness tonight, I present to you this poem: