Friday, July 01, 2005


I love the instant gratification of visuals. Here's some of images of womanhood on flickr that I identify with today.

Circle of Life by Esther G

woman by Ms. Entropy

Disintegration by Languisity

Sharp Fragile Words by Inkie Kittie

Unanswered by No Words

Matriarch 3 by Unbridled Expression

Washing off the daily masques by Rainmountain

Faceless Redux by Janebug

Leap by Lil Erna

Let me sigh when i'm blue by T Bell

Sometimes I think I am Godot by Gianita


Anonymous said...

All beautiful photos from wonderful women! Good post :)

Duane Kuss said...

First time visit...

The picture at the top of this blog takes my breathe away. It's simply beautiful.

So... are men allow to partake here?

Lovely site! Thanks for sharing.


sb said...

I see one of these is a private photo -- but I would love to see an occassional post with a selection of photos -- the photos themselves. I didn't check the CC status of these, but such a post would be Fair Use in any case; or you could ask permission of the photographers.

It just would be nice to actually *see* them all together.

Very evocative selection. Thanks.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

duane: thank you for your visit and for the kind compliment! We appreciate and welcome the comments of anyone but, the blogging is reserved for the women members. If you are interested in a community blog for men, I would suggest you check out our divine counterparts over at Everyday Avatar.