Sunday, July 17, 2005

socities of peace

Second World Congress of Matriarchal Studies

This groundbreaking congress will bring together speakers from Europe and the USA with a special invitation to indigenous women and men from matriarchal societies. The speakers will discuss both the theoretical and the cultural/political aspects of matriarchal societies. The social order of matriarchal societies is non violent. Contrary to the common prejudice, which sees matriarchies as "women's rule", these societies have real gender-egalitarian, consensus-based and peaceful traditions, in which all living creatures are respected. Although they have not been explored objectively and impartially until recently and have not been adequately represented in Western socio-cultural sciences, matriarchal forms of society still exist in various areas of the world and have had a long and interesting history.

The matriarchal form of society, which has been shaped mainly by women, has generally been misunderstood. It is our intention now to present and publicize a clearer and more accurate view. We are also excited that indigenous women and men from still living matrilineal or matriarchal societies will speak to the public about their way of life and about their political struggles with surrounding patriarchal societies.

Check out the Opening Words.

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