Thursday, July 28, 2005

Self-Portraits A Galore!

You know it is a slow day at work when I can post two days in row *grin*

I came across this

Self-Portrait Day

Every Tuesday they feature new self-portraits along with a little blurb on the person and their site. Since I KNOW a certain Goddess is VERY GOOD at taking portraits of herself *cough*Creatrix*cough*

That’s all…


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

lol, i'd actually seen this before but didn't have the nerve. thanks to your gentle encouragment i had the nerve today. :) i'll let ya know if it gets posted. *hugs*

littlehedgehog said...

ooh! what a great site. Thank you! This really is right up Ms. Creatrix's alley she takes the most amazing self-portraits

thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

You are so sweet, littlehedgehog! Thank you.

hey coolestblog, thanks for stopping by.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

He face is up at Self Portrait Day.