Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Vagina Lady

Vagina Lady’s efforts span multiple platforms. It began with a few interactive pillows. She has since created and worn a series of handmade vagina costumes to San Francisco bay area events for several years. Now favoring wall art, her textural sculptures adorn her intensely feminine bathroom-cum-gallery. She relishes the astonishment and delight with which people view her artwork.

Phallic symbols can be seen and recognized throughout our society. Vaginal imagery, however, seems to have been left behind. What gives? Somehow the air of mystery about the vagina has become mingled with shame and discomfort. But the vagina, in its glowing non-pornographic beauty, deserves to be admired in a non-pornographic way. The Vagina Lady wishes only to share that beauty with the world.

thanks to Sauceruney for the link!


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

simply, edibly delightful! weirdpixie, you've made my day.xo saucerney...kisses for this too.

Cait said...

I think vagic (? new word?) symbols are everywhere, but we simply don't recognize or look for them. It's another manifestation of men's obsession with their genitals that they find phallic symbols and point them out everywhere.

Rinni said...

Where do you guys, excuse me, girls...chicks, no wait...women, pc terminology pointless to everyone else too?...find this stuff?

kimberley said...

I am so getting those for my couch.