Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Quick note: If any of you know someone you would like to invite to blog with us, please direct me their way.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Sometimes I can't help but be offended. The target of my disdain? Vagina Institute

For example, here is one of their of their headlines: Ugly Vaginas vs. Pretty Vaginas.

Ugly? Hmmm...here's how they justify that:
We know that the use of the word “ugly or deformed” is not very well accepted among some women and it may sound insensitive. However, it is a proper definition as too what will pop into the minds of men and women once they get a glimpse of a vagina and vulva that are not good-looking with a lot of variation. Nevertheless, we also have to accept the fact and reality of life and not live in a fantasy world when it comes to the female gender. Things do exist and it is a part of our every day life.

I REALLY hope this is a joke.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Vagina Lady

Vagina Lady’s efforts span multiple platforms. It began with a few interactive pillows. She has since created and worn a series of handmade vagina costumes to San Francisco bay area events for several years. Now favoring wall art, her textural sculptures adorn her intensely feminine bathroom-cum-gallery. She relishes the astonishment and delight with which people view her artwork.

Phallic symbols can be seen and recognized throughout our society. Vaginal imagery, however, seems to have been left behind. What gives? Somehow the air of mystery about the vagina has become mingled with shame and discomfort. But the vagina, in its glowing non-pornographic beauty, deserves to be admired in a non-pornographic way. The Vagina Lady wishes only to share that beauty with the world.

thanks to Sauceruney for the link!

Monday, June 20, 2005


What would you goddesses think about interviewing another goddess? Perhaps someone you admire that lives her life as a strong spirit of femininity, as you see it of course? I would like to create a regular feature that honors a goddess one of us knows and celebrates her life.

What do you all think? and would you be willing to contribute?

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

love song

falling in love
with myself
a haunting melody resonates
deep within

illusions, stillness, mindful solitude
it will not be long now
till our wedding day (mp3)

Thursday, June 09, 2005


'If you have ever wondered to yourself, "Gee, my life would be perfect if ONLY I had a crocheted vulva?" -- and who hasn't -- then this is the place for you. Now you can have your very own CROCHETED VULVA!

Welcome to CrochetMyCrotch.com, home of the crocheted vulva (also erroneously called the crocheted vagina). Each one is handmade, crocheted by me, and unique. Like snowflakes. But better, and more vagina-ey.'

Sunday, June 05, 2005

bloody pearls

It is my moon time. Sometimes it makes me crazy with cramps and fatigue. Other times it makes me electric, full of courage to do things I would normally be too afraid to do. I think you can tell which I'm in by this picture.

These were my mother's pearls once. Now I have made them mine. Full story here...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Just Me

Just Me

This is me…
I pray to see me…
As others see me…


Why is it so hard…
Just to see me...

To be me?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

promotion of the shameless type.

Props to other goddessi first ...

Blue with her BlueStone Jewelry ... growing wings & taking flight. Congrats!

Fellow Switchboard member spunky kitty with her adorable handmade fleece kitty caps. How could you not help smiling if you saw someone walking down the street in a kitty cap ... or a panda cap ... or even a bunny cap. I'm diggin' on the bobcat cap. :)

And, (shameless) props to me ...

funky junkie's new look. I've given the website a colorful facelift. :)

Happily Handmade Giveaway ... I'm participating, so zip to my webbity to enter. Then, enter at each participant's site to increase your chances ... and to see all the great handmade goodies you could get your paws on!