Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Why friends? Another good reason.

Every few weeks, I receive an email from my mom pointing me toward a humor column printed in a local newspaper. I get a giggle & snort from it ... maybe you will, too ...

I waited in line for this?
By Dorothy Rosby, Special to the Journal

With all due respect to Mr. Freud, the only time women really envy
anything about men is while we're waiting in line at a public restroom.

Let's take a typical female: cheerful, optimistic, and carrying a very
large purse, a shopping bag, a jacket and an extra 10 pounds. While she waits in
line, she has an excellent view of the wide-open space in front of the men's
room. This is envy.

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Adam said...

But, oh, the horrors that await men in their public bathrooms....

JohnFen said...

How true. But I suppose the grass is always greener...

dawn said...

Starting my day with a laugh. ;)

It only adds to the fun when you have a very chatty 4-year old crammed into the stall with you, who believes that because there are semi-walls between us, no one can hear her but me.

"did you see that lady with the big belly? Is she having a baby or did she just eat too much?"

"are you pooping or peeing?"

The men's room cartoon is great too...I love the old man with a straw for a hand dryer.

Anonymous said...

FUUUNNNNYYY and yet sadly so true, lol
Thanks for the morning laugh :)