Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Support if ya need it

I came across this website called HysterSisters:

“ is a woman to woman support website for hysterectomy recovery.”

I (thankfully) have not had to experience the emotional decisions regarding hysterectomy issues. However, I have been exposed to just how hard of an experience it can be. My Mom underwent the operation when I was a teenager. I remember how hard it was for her.

I just wanted to let ya’all know about this site in case someone may need some support.

It looks like a very warm and loving place to get wonderful support.

Kinda like here :)


Rori said...

That is an excellent site.

I know women who have had hysterectomies and it is a mind-bending gender experience.

Miko said...

Thanks so much for posting that, Blue. It looks like an issue that I'm going to be dealing with sooner or later, because of my problems.

Anonymous said...

No problem Miko Jane, happy to help :)
Let us know how you are doing and I will keep you in my prayers