Saturday, April 02, 2005


Shakti is Sanskrit for "energy"... creative energy and sexual energy.
All my dance is centered towards the activation of this energy. The two opposite forces of life and death, creation and destruction, chaos and serenity, plus and minus are played upon in a neverending game. "Eros of Love & Destruction" is a theme that runs through my performances. It is about a woman's descent or ascent into herself and realizing all the potentials within. It's an exultation of being a woman and of being alive. It reveals her metamorphosis from self-love to self-destruction, from virgin to vixen, from exotica to unrelenting erotica. It is the realization of one who has become unashamedly assured and in control of her body and spirit...
Shakti Official Website
Flash slideshow (absolutely beautiful)


dawn said...

Can't think of a more beautiful way to start the day.

Great find, Weirdpixie!

funkyjunkie said...

She is definitely a woman comfortable in her own skin. Thank you for sharing.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

oh wow...i was drooling over her obvious grace and beauty!

om shakti!

weirdpixie...ever heard of russill paul? he put out an incredible chanting nada yoga cd called "shakti yoga" that i adore. think you might like it!

weirdpixie said...

thanks, jennifer, i will check that out