Sunday, April 10, 2005

How useful are you?

I've watching this blog cautiously for some time, trying to discover the rules of engagement and wondering where I might fit in. I've decided that my first contribution shall be a rant. I want to be a warrior goddess, Athene Nike, to defend the oppressed.

In our society women are routinely subjugated, dismissed and abused. This is so commonplace that many people do not recognise the problem and a substantial amount of teenage girls in Britain think that domestic violence is excusable.

A church in my locality recommends a workbook to couples approaching marriage. The following is a quotation from the section on roles within the marriage relationship:

"Do not abuse your wife emotionally, sexually or physically,"
So far, so good but the reason that self-respecting christian males should abstain from abusing their wives is . . .
"otherwise she will be no use at all."

The elders argue that the comment is is simply an effort to introduce humour to a difficult subject. I fail to get the joke. I am sure that the thousands of women who suffer abuse, humiliation and death due to domestic violence don't find it funny either.

Awareness needs to be raised of the fact that women do not exist to be 'useful'. We are not merely here to serve the sexual, reproductive and domestic needs of men.

Consider getting involved with Amnesty International's stop violence against women campaign.


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

"Awareness needs to be raised of the fact that women do not exist to be 'useful'. We are not merely here to serve the sexual, reproductive and domestic needs of men."

I agree and think the only way this is going to change is through the actions of women. It's up to us to support, love and accept our sisters as they struggle through their society's ideals of womanhood. Even a subtle dose of kindness and respect can make a difference. Just like what we are doing here...yeah! Pass that on. :) xo

Thank you for this post, quiddity! I'm going to add that link.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

I took a really great women's studies class in ugrad. We read The Body Politic (edited by Rose Weitz). Totally a tremendous book, I highly recommend it. I wish I could remember more of the materials, but they were mostly xerox's. This book made a pretty big impression on me though, focusing on "ideas about women's bodies ... dramatic roles in either challenging or reinforcing power relationships between men and women ..." Uber.

My best


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

Yesterday I heard this line in a song..."Makes me feel good, like a woman should."

Made me think of this post and a more hidden societal role of women. Women are the providers of comfort, joy, love, sugar, spice, passion, dreams, etc. That's a rather large responsibility. It's also a big clue as to how powerful women are.

So how do we manage this double-edged sword? I suggest with great care and respect for ourselves.

aine said...

This site was forwarded to me by a male friend. I love it. It's exactly what I was looking for.

I've recently been exploring the concept of feminism and have discovered some books I recommend; as a pagan, and a woman, and a mother.

Cunt - By Inga Muscio ISBN-1580050751

The Meaning of Wife by Anne Kingston ISBN 13978000639400g

The Mommy Myth - the Idealization of Motherhood and how it has undermined all women by Susan J. Douglas ISBN 0743260465

Womans Room ISBN - can't find it, sorry...

A woman's Worth ISBN 0345386574

The Politics of Lust ISBN 1591022789

The Origins of Witchcraft (not just about witchcraft.. but about Goddess worship, how it was, how it evolved, and how man tried to squash it thru bringing in new religions..etc) ISBN 1567186483

The Book of Goddess ISBN 1843333449

weirdpixie said...

thanks for this post and for the great reading list, too.

Miko said...

Hello quiddity!

yclepta said...

I have not visited this blog for months.
I read the first few lines and thought wow what a great post and then realised you had written it and was not suprised. You write so well.
Coincidentally I looked long and hard at AI's website 2 days ago and want to do something in my area to support the violence against women campaign.
You will I am sure be interested to know about the magazine Travelling Punk is working to set up. I am going to help out if I can find time.....