Thursday, April 07, 2005

How do you find your peace?

If you stop to think about the world around us, and place in which in dwell; ask yourself: "Is this place peaceful and comforting?" Can you hold your breath and close your eyes and that "warm fuzzy feeling" deep within your chest? I live in a landlocked area, surrounded by the trees and rivers and streams. Wildlife fully abounds at turn (much to regret of my grandmother and her garden). However, as calm and peaceful as it is here. I often find something lacking. Having spent half of my short period of life here, I realized what was missing. The sounds of the sea. I am a water child. Born of the water of life and so longing to be close to her again. In those few quiet moments I have at night while my own two children sleep I play different recordings of the ocean tides and waves. Sometimes a calmness in the swishing and swashing and other times violent storms.

There was a song written in the late 70's called "Dolphin's Lullaby" (Firefall was the group). when I was little and living in Wyoming, I used to get my mothers LP of this and play that song over and over when my former step-father and my mom would fight. I have since upgraded to cd and now a mixed disk with this song, the tides and a few others that help me find my peace after what is normally an overly stressful day. I so long to be near the ocean again and I will again someday. Satisfing the raging storm within, I will once again dance among the spray of the sea and the her arms wrap me in the cool tenderness that only she can.

So, I ask...

Where and how do you find Her? How do you quiet the raging storm?


olivia said...

That is a VERY good question because I should know the answer. Thanks for bringing it up in time just before my storm.

olivia said...
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Cap'n Marrrrk said...

I don't. Perhaps I should.

dawn said...

Meditation is key for finding the quiet and calm for me.

I go through periods where I'm almost addicted to meditation, and then I'll let it go. I need to make it a habit again. Not a bad addiction.

Rori said...

This is going to sound weird, but lately, I have found her by being young inside. Being a goofy fan girl over an American Idol. I was feeling old, worn down and now I feel a light again.

Also, I go out and look at Pike's Peak. It's quietness and solidness soothes me.

Mountains are my thing. Water, not so much.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

It used to be that I would quiet the storm by altering my perception (without, effectively removing myself from the situation. I've been using my altered perception and "playing the field" since I was a child. It is a most comfortable escape for me.

Now, I am living as the raging storm and the quiet. I don't know how this happened I made this change. I only know that it showing me a new type of peace and self-acceptance.

weirdpixie said...

I like trees that are large enough to almost climb inside of. Redwoods are my favorite, especially their smell and the colours. I am most at home with pixies, faeries and other forest elementals for some reason, and if things ever get bad in life I've often found solace in those places, although the ocean and the life within it have had a similar effect at times.

Meditating on these elements quiets my mind when I need to center myself or "calm the storm", especially when living in a city environment (I have moved from mountain to city living many times in my life thus far).

Also, certain breathing techniques like pra-na-yama help immensely as well as ritual baths.

I also use altars throughout my home to commune with the various energies, elementals, deities, learning more about each of their individual strengths and characteristics as I do my own. I am constantly working on these altars, rearranging them frequently, especially during full moons and solstices.

I'm still learning new ways of quieting the raging storm, though. One never stops learning. This is a great subject to discuss and I'm glad to read what others have said as well.