Thursday, April 21, 2005

cycle like a girl.

In case any of you were wondering, my body is officially free of artificial hormones. Almost two weeks ago, I threw out the last pill pack and said goodbye to OrthoTriCyclen Lo. It leaves me feeling a bit vunerable, though.

I began taking the pill when I was a freshman in college, fall 1996. So that's almost 8 years on the pill. What the hell is my body doing now? Is she going to revell or revolt? Prior to the pill, I was a regular gal. Will I be still?

So, with all these questions, I went a'googling. And, it's amazing the information available for women by women. Here's a sampling of what I found ...

~ Women's Moon Lodge on : Our intention is for this virtual moon lodge to become a gathering place for women's voices concerning the cycles of their lives... a coming together for renewal and visioning.

~ Sister Zeus : A Women's Guide to Synergistic Fertility Management

~ The Cycles Pages : An online service to track your cycle. It can even email you when Aunt Flo is expected for a visit. How convenient.

~ Around the Moon fertility consultations : Not quite so informative, but read the personal story Awakening. Makes me feel positive about being naturally hormonal. :)

~ : Feel great about being a woman every day of the month! And love these greeting cards.


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

I started incorporating green tea into my morning ritual three years ago when I went off the pill. It is a great gentle boost to aid the balancing of hormones. So...tea party?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Good for you … I have never been on the pill. I have always stood firm on the belief that stopping the body from performing a natural function is not a great way to solve a problem (that is only my personal belief) I’d rather find to source of the problem and approach it from that angle, instead of slapping a Band-Aid on it. It drives me nuts when you go to the doctor for a female related issue and they go on your not on birth control? That’s what you need then, augh!
LOL, Sorry about the rant… that’s just what seems to always happen to me and it drives me crazy.

Hugs & I am happy for you Jess
Maybe I do need some tea *grin*

dawn said...

Good for you! Strange and nice to discover what your natural cycle is like after being on the pill.

I'm going all natural with the monthly products, too. Why is it that the mass producers of feminine products think that we want everything bleached white?

Another cycling site:

Joining you all in a cuppa tea...

funkyjunkie said...

i posted comments yesterday and they disappeared ... GRR!

anyway, just wanted to say thank you for the support. i'm feeling good ... less robotic and more neurotic. so, back to normal! :)

i switched pills after my last annual, and was noticing some odd side effects physically and things were out of whack ... so i started reading & decided maybe it was time to ditch the pill. i'm happy w/ the decision. plus, i'm now leaving the doors open for mother nature to take charge in *family* matters, too. :0