Saturday, April 23, 2005

Altars II

altarWeirdPixie posted a lovely photo of her altar early this week, and I've been meaning to post mine ever since. I have always been a collector, and interested in images of the divine -- especially the divine feminine. This is a combined collection, some mine and some that of a friend who left me his.

I'm not sure it qualifies as an altar, except in the sense that all such collections, gatherings, are altars -- reminders of what is out of our sight, of what we can only hint at.

And that's all these are: hints.

[Go here to see photos on Flickr tagged with altar.]


weirdpixie said...

SB, sure looks like you've got quite a collection of unique objects there-- if I were invited over to visit that would be the first area I would gravitate toward. I love seeing what other folks gather up onto their different altars and sacred spaces. It says a lot about the personalities surrounding them.

And thank you so much for sharing back.
I really liked what you wrote, too.

Susan said...

How extraordinary! It looks like a room in some fine boutique. And weirdpixie's is also smashing. If I snapped a photo of my pitiful little gassho altar, it would really pale in comparison! Absolutely gorgeous, ladies.

You can read my post on S.P.O.T., Special Place of Tranquility here. It a basic guideline for building an altar.