Friday, March 11, 2005

Wonderous Vulva Puppets

Yep. You read that correctly.

2005 Collection

"In a way the puppet has been a life saver. Teaching the anatomy of the door of the goddess usually brings up a lot of emotions and men's faces tend to become pale. However with the the vulva puppet we can explore in a much more fun and relaxed way. This sets an emotional tone of lightness and confidence which is very important for beginners."
~ Raphael More, Oceanic Tantra Teacher

Yes, I can just imagine the men's faces... but pale is possibly the wrong description. Fear, even terror and the acute desire to flee the room. The realisation that the puppet is going to have to join them in the bedroom... it's all too clear.


sauceruney said...

I don't remember where I saw this linked but your post just caused me to search google for it to share here.

olivia said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh boy that's going to have me laughing all day. Hee hee hee

dawn said...

Did you see that she offers a velvet vulva sleeping bag? And throw pillows?

Imagine the sleepover fun with vulva sleeping bags and vulva puppets! There must be some vulva-themed snack foods out there...

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

i want one of those hats!

and gaiagal, invite me for that sleepover! i'll get my own vulva sleeping bag for such an occasion.

funkyjunkie said...

holy moly ... my husband is simply beside himself. besides, i just don't think the men can have nearly as much fun with penis puppets ... at least the straight guys (???). LOL!

JohnFen said...

I must have a vulva sleeping bag. Oh, I can hardly wait to go camping with the guys this summer!!

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

johnfen, then surely you will be envied. :)

I'm definitely adding that link!

funkyjunkie, have you seen the puppetry of the penis dvd? It is wild! Definitely a good rental. I admired the guys for their candid bravery.

clickety clack said...

Yes, as a member of the puppet community I think it's high tide time we start breaking down the walls that have for ages kept my clothey kind out of the human bedroom.

I am equipped with enough handbags, hat tricks and hallelujahs to satisfy two women (or five men!) and there is nothing goddess, goodnes, or goodah about me.

Toodles and tra la la.