Monday, March 28, 2005

welcome to new goddesses!

Pull up a silk cushion and make yourself comfortable. We are all here to share and support in this temple of acceptance. There are no real rules of engagement here, but take a moment...see the divine beauty in yourself and the others gathered here.

Quick note to all: I would like to encourage savy self-promotion. *wink/nudge* Tell us about your wares/services or some other sister's wares/services. Just add a small "disclaimer" letting us know whether the goodies are your own or another's.


Anna said...

Hey Creatrix, this is a very cool project. I'm so going to hang around heaps. I don't think I'll write here, though, I have to save my writing energy for my book - my blog is just a little indulgence when I have the time. I'll link to you though, and hang around and listen to all the goddesses. xxxxx Anna

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

thank you, anna, for your support! so nice to have you drop by! i wish you the courage and faith (in yourself) such an undertaking needs. good luck! ~hugz