Friday, March 25, 2005

unbeautiful = beautiful

Today, I wrote: "I have worked hard to come to this place. The place where I can choose to reach into my darkness and embrace it, instead of hide it away. Sometimes I do not like to stay there long because what I find frightens me dark beauty. Yesterday, I stayed long and took pictures."

My self portrait journey has inspired me to share some moments when I have felt unbeautiful and what it has taught me. Now I ask...When have you felt unbeautiful? and how has it shown your hidden beauty?


dawn said...

You are beautiful.

It seems from your list that most of the times you've felt unbeautiful were very vulnerable, out-of-control situations. Interesting. That holds true for several situations on my list, too:

-when my husband left without an explanation. (unbeautiful for over a year)

-gaining the undeserved reputation of a slut all through high school.

There are a couple more, but I'm not quite as brave as you yet. But I am ready to be beautiful all the time.

Rori said...

I have not yet had a time where I am able to transcend to feeling beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Powerful and tough stuff Creatrix... good for you for being willing to go through it, let alone share it with us ;)

I'm with Rori… I get brief flashes of beauty... but hey people say it to me and I'm going to say it to Rori "Keep coming back"