Friday, March 18, 2005

to be luxurious & fat ::: a poem

i want to be
luxurious and
to eat ice cream
by the gallon

i want to be
a renaissance woman
my folds
on velvet & lace

i want a rump
round and rippled
with milk white skin
virgin to the sun

i want breasts
that call themselves
their own
and float
above my chest

i want to live
on an island
slurping coconut milk
and wrap
my mounds & waves
of flesh
in yards of bright blue fabric
and call it a dress

i want my imperfections
to be lauded

for i am
fat & luxurious
eating ice cream
by the gallon

written 9/19/01 when feeling exceptionally proud of the extra junk in the trunk.


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

*sigh* I second that! except I'm not lactose it be a gallon of soy cream for me.

truly and utterly divine, that ode of yours, funkyjunkie. thank you for sharing your beauty! I think your imperfections are already lauded here as perfections.

funkyjunkie said...

thanks, jen. :) we could also substitute tofutti cuties. love those.

Leggy Pee said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my… I love it when you guys make me giggle...
You know I am going to refer to my self from now on as a renaissance woman... that is priceless... no more pleasantly plump or chunky … You have given me a very stylish & elegant way to put it
Thanks Jessica!