Thursday, March 24, 2005

something to share...

Well, reading Susan's new post, I clicked on the goddess oracle. Kris Waldherr is a fav artist of mine, but I never tried the online reading before.

I picked the creativity option, quickly clicked a card and this is what happened:
The Path of Isis = Ten of Swords

Here's what made me smile:
"Finally the woman arrives at a vantage point where she can see the meeting of earth and sky... Meanings: The perfection of understanding, as expressed in the example of Isis. Wisdom gained after struggle. The ending of a difficult situation. Experience as the best teacher, for better and for worse. Sharing knowledge with others."

I think that sums up what this blog is about. My heart smiles at yours!


Anonymous said...

Neat site! Thanks Jennifer... I had to share mine:
Choosing the moon card suggests that you may be feeling as changeable as the moon lately. Instead of seeing this as a negative, recognize that what is empty will become full again in time. See these emotional times as opportunities to work on your internal relationship with what truly nourishes you. You may also feel more aware of the support and nurturing of women who truly care for you. Intuition is high at this time--trust it, even if it makes you feel uneasy.

Very fitting for me at the moment... kinda spooky, lol ;)

funkyjunkie said...

I ended up choosing twice under the same subject. Essentially, my cards suggested growth & fertility in family & business. Interesting b/c those are two areas I'm spinning my wheels in indecision. Oy. :)

Thanks for the link. It's come just when I needed some *divine* inspiration. :)

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

lol...*divine* inspiration...hee me you are divine and all the fabulous women here.

weirdpixie said...

what a nice find - i can't sit still long enough for a reading right now but will come back to it-- thanks for passing the info through from susan's place (i hadn't had time to visit there yet but it's on my list!)