Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sluts enjoy noodles

This interesting find was shared with us by JohnFen. A look at the use of female archetypes in advertising:

The Insatiable Nymph

The Domineering Shrew

The Blabbermouth

The Clueless Woman

The Porno Girl

The Distrustful Woman

The Sex- Starved Housewife

Hey, where's the nag?

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Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

i've captured the nag for today and plan to live vicariously through her! :)

some other archetypes I find annoying today that are used widely in media:

the glowing pregnant woman (i love pregnant women...they are beautiful to me, but I don't think women have to be give birth to be glowing or productive.)

the humble selfless wife (don't know about you...but I think the whole thinking of others before your self is a bit overdone at times....yes, i'm a recovering martyr. lol)