Thursday, March 24, 2005

insights and psychic abilities.

The results of this color quiz kinda' freaked me out in their accuracy. Pinpointed some issues that I knew but didn't know ... that kind of freaky. Boogity-boo.

Daily Candy featured psychic girl today in it's email. She does readings by phone, instant messenger and in person. I'm tempted, but not tempted enough to spare $75 for a reading. I did, however, enjoy her explanation on how a reading works. I also thinks she has great eyebrows and lovely possession protectors. I think Kali is right up my alley. Which one would you choose?


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

that's a fun little idea, though I think you and blue could come up with better looking ones, you both make such fine pieces.

love her brows!

dawn said...

I'd choose Quan Yin!

Anonymous said...

I agree with giagal...I’d have to pick:
quan yin
goddess of compassion
but I like maneki neko, the lucky cat.. just cause she is so cute

Creatrix: You are too kind, I know FunkyJunky could in a heartbeat!

JohnFen said...

Wow, that color quiz is pretty eery.

Leggy Pee said...

i definitely have to try the color quiz!

funkyjunkie said...

alright creatrix ... is that a challenge? :)

i chose kali b/c i tend to get wrapped up in my own *fantasy world* and a good reminder is needed from time to time!