Sunday, March 27, 2005

Goddess profile: Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.

I am blessed to call Linda a goddess sister/friend. When I first came up with the sensuality quiz, she was the first I sent it to. You see, this topic is her territory, something she is incredibly adept in. As a sex therapist that has been working in the field of sexual healing for over 25 years, she was actually excited to answer my quiz. I couldn't help but feel proud and supported with such enthusiasm!

Linda is a multi-faceted beauty, deeply spiritual and supportive of other women's journey in sexuality. In short, she is a phenomenal woman. Her book, Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way, is a must read for those of us coming into our own divine acceptance.

Here are her answers to my quiz (be sure to try the exercise in 5):
1. How would you define sensuality?
It is the blending of all the senses—including the 6th or intuitive/spiritual sense. At its best it is a total mind-body-spirit connection where you are completely in the moment and in your own experience (not thinking or evaluating).

2. What makes you feel sensual?
Almost anything I can feel—kinesthetically or energetically: warm sun, soft breezes, sensual touch, and emotional connection, especially through the eyes.

3. A moment in my life when I felt most sensual.
Wow, how to narrow it to one. It would have to be making love with total abandon and feeling a merging with the universe. I’ve had a few of these ecstatic sexual unions in my life and each was unique in its circumstances. They have occurred when I’m in the early romantic love stage in a relationship and feeling totally connected with my lover, I wish they could last forever. In my ordinary life it would be when I’m feeling good in my body, having had a fragrant bath, lotion on my skin and wearing sensual clothing—soft and silky.

4. Things around me in my daily life that I find sensual.
The last sentence of # 3 answers this one. I would add that my beautiful Quan Yin garden, when it is in bloom in the spring is a visual sensual delight that I glory in every day.

5. Words of wisdom for other women to discover and accept sensuality.
First, catch yourself in guilty thoughts and visualize them disappearing (or explode them). Then, spend 10 minutes everyday imagining yourself inside your body (ie. out of your head, into your torso) and try to stay with the physical/energetic experience. Also, you can practice squeezing your PC (pelvic floor) muscles every day using your breathing as a way to move the energy up and down your body. Finally, give yourself permission to do one sensual thing for yourself daily—ie. sensual bath, lotion rub, 20 minutes outside breathing in nature, looking at a beautiful art piece or flowers, really enjoying your lover, pleasuring yourself or anything else you can think of—eating would be my last choice because it is an easy sensual pleasure to overdo, but enjoying a lovely ripe piece of fruit would be fine.

Of course, there is much more to this amazing woman than the scanty sentences I put together. If you're interested in more of her wonderful meditative exercises/writings or her book, check out her website at or email her at

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