Monday, March 28, 2005

Giving Birth Amongst Friends

As I sat amongst you the I faded
the We of old emerged, drawn out by your sparkling glances
through the celebration of the We within.

Simplicity reached out from the complexity to reveal
the knowingof billions that have come before, the egg grown to ripeness,
some two legged, some four
some that have no legs at all, yet birth it is.

Welcoming enthusiasm washes over the soul.
Gratitude, a pillar in the spine making me feel tall and strong
as I shine back at you,

thank you sweet women....thank you so much


Written by Lynn, in response to a Blessingway. She is expecting a daughter at the start of June. Her eldest daughter is getting married on April 2nd.

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Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

such a loving tribute to acceptance, love and support...makes me smile as I imagine all you lovely, beautiful goddesses together, offering of yourself and receiving so much in return. *wipes a tear* a thousand blessings!