Wednesday, March 02, 2005

exceed your prothesis

Ah! A good byline or motto for life, no? In other words...go for it! Embrace your evolving nature and dance naked in the rain. Now, that brings a whole new meaning to "rain dance." *giggle*

In the fall of 2003, while I was a co-facilitator for recurring women's events, I came up with an idea to honor the "shadow" (aka not so shiny parts) within. Inspired by Babylonian myth, I wanted to re-create and revise Innana's descent into the underworld for the participants. Thus, my fellow facilitators and I became four guardians/goddesses of the gates of the underworld. We guided the women through these symbolic gates into their core selves with the aid of ritual and drama. Of course, in order to do that we had to delve deeply into our not so shiny parts. One can't represent a "dark goddess" without the not so shiny parts. *wink!

While researching my chosen goddess, Hekate, I found an article that I still refer to. Though a bit heady, it is a provocative read: Heket, Exceed Your Prothesis by Scott Fray and Pythia.

Some exerpts:
"...we recognize that we have outgrown the projections that have served to extend our grasp. It's time to exceed this prosthesis. A new vessel is needed. Time to crack the chrysalis and enter into a new vulnerability, a new intimacy."

"As humans we ask questions of essence and identity. A tree, by its very nature, can reside in timeless satori, unburdened with a human being's conceptual mind. A housecat is better equipped than we to experience transcendent and unconditional love, having an emotional body that eclipses its mental body."

What I'm taking from it at this very moment: spirituality is an individual and intimate process, an evolution and entwining of thoughts/ideas. We choose our own path and, therefore, can choose to go beyond the path. We are more than titles, categories, affiliations or roles. We are sexy, enlightened women!

Anyone wanna rain dance?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read and I have to agree a bit heady… I printed it to read later at home, at peace I think I will be better able to digest it then… but when I glanced to the end to read about the authors ( I like to do that) I see that Marybeth Witt (Lady Pythia) lives in Kent… that happens to be very close to me, kinda makes me want to call her up and ask her to tea… I just love little coincidences like that ;)