Thursday, March 03, 2005

beaded goddesses.

Running with the goddess theme, I was searching for handmade goddess beads on the BeadStyle forum. In the process found Sassy Art Goddess. Check out her gallery of beaded art dolls.


Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

very sassy indeed! those are great. my fav is the mermaid with the blues and greens.

weirdpixie said...

too much good stuff my head's about to explode ;)

hehehe, keep it comin' i actually can never get enuff!

LawrenceCheney said...

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Dee said...

(Hi, by the way...not sure how I happened on your site, but, very nice!)
If you're looking for Goddess beads - wow, do I have a link for you!
I make 'goddess' themed jewellery & rosaries, I buy all my Goddesses from - very reasonably priced for unique goddess pieces - and her work is in galleries & museums around the world. (I found my first in a small shop in Scotland, imagine!)
Anyway, just a thought!