Wednesday, March 23, 2005

at the reading

emaciated women
writers and artists
in size 4 flowing dresses

lavishly embellished with
lush flowers women
who look like hungry boys bones

honed sharp with intentional
deprivation grown
women gathered together

to celebrate womanhood
it would take any
three of them to make one me

my breasts alone would break their
backs my hips could wrap
around two looking at me

they see their large fear over-
flowing too much breasts
belly hips curdled thighs thick

flesh old bones cushioned with meat
milk and grandmother's
sweetest autumn rhubarb pie


Anonymous said...

wow... what an awesome poem... very accurate too... thanks for sharing

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

great imagery...claws and teeth came rasping at me in my mind and then after all I could think of was rhubarb pie. mmm!

one thing i've noticed is how quickly comparison stiffles creativity. when i start to compare myself (judge), i spiral into the "not good enough" and yikes! i think this is an ode to that. thank you!

Anonymous said...

Ya know when I start comparing my self to others, lamenting that I am not skinny enough, pretty enough, creative enough, so-on & so-on... A good friend of mine's words come into my head:

"Stop comparing your insides to their outsides"

Then I grin & MOST of the time can stop feeling sorry for me

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

that is a great one to remember, blue!

it's now etched in me. :)

funkyjunkie said...

another ode to junk in the trunk. i love it! i see too many ultra-skinnies on tv. even the so-called *voluptuous* ladies are ultra-skinny (think j-lo & beyonce).

blue & creatrix, I definitely feel that way, too. Inadequate but wanting to be a part of something real. I'm also a conforming nonconformist or nonconforming comformist (depending on the day) so that leaves me in a tailspin.

Creatrix (aka Jennifer) said...

ummmm...i choose nonconforming wait...conforming nonconformist...damn tailspin!

i know exactly what you mean. :)

Anonymous said...

Wait I got one… This is me… I am an ego maniac with an inferiority complex, lol

Susan said...

The spirit here is alive and infectious! Besides that being a great poem, I enjoyed the rhythm of it most of all. So lilting and lyrical. You have a gift.

SB said...

Thank you, everyone, and Susan -- but, as with most things, it has less to do with talent than with practice.

The rhythm of this poem is probably due to its structure; this is a syllabic poem, with a pattern of 7-5-7.

When I have a hard time finding the right line breaks for a poem, sometimes this works.