Thursday, March 31, 2005

you crafty b-word.

I think I'll take up cross stitch ... if only because of subversive cross stitch. Having a kit on hand will make those *angsty pissy leave me alone while i sulk* kinda days super extra special.

oh, and, p.s. tito rocks.

you are divine bonbons

What does this mean? -- I AM GODDESS...

You noticed that I left out the "a"? Think about it.

Now that you've had a moment...let me tell you what I see (and that's with all my senses!) in you. I see divine beauty ineptly labeled as woman. I see sacred. I see goddess. I see the feminine, the sensual, the powerful creatrix...that is you.

Here's the hard part -- accepting your divinity. You might see it as being accountable, present, alive, creative or kind. Or you might think it's when you stop blaming (or playing the victim or reacting) and start claming your power to create your life.

I'd agree with you. But, I'd also add one thing. Divinity = self-acceptance

Today, dear ones, know that you are loved. Bless each other and in turn be blessed.

//end sermon (it helps if you smile and giggle too)

Monday, March 28, 2005

Giving Birth Amongst Friends

As I sat amongst you the I faded
the We of old emerged, drawn out by your sparkling glances
through the celebration of the We within.

Simplicity reached out from the complexity to reveal
the knowingof billions that have come before, the egg grown to ripeness,
some two legged, some four
some that have no legs at all, yet birth it is.

Welcoming enthusiasm washes over the soul.
Gratitude, a pillar in the spine making me feel tall and strong
as I shine back at you,

thank you sweet women....thank you so much


Written by Lynn, in response to a Blessingway. She is expecting a daughter at the start of June. Her eldest daughter is getting married on April 2nd.

welcome to new goddesses!

Pull up a silk cushion and make yourself comfortable. We are all here to share and support in this temple of acceptance. There are no real rules of engagement here, but take a moment...see the divine beauty in yourself and the others gathered here.

Quick note to all: I would like to encourage savy self-promotion. *wink/nudge* Tell us about your wares/services or some other sister's wares/services. Just add a small "disclaimer" letting us know whether the goodies are your own or another's.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Goddess profile: Linda E. Savage, Ph.D.

I am blessed to call Linda a goddess sister/friend. When I first came up with the sensuality quiz, she was the first I sent it to. You see, this topic is her territory, something she is incredibly adept in. As a sex therapist that has been working in the field of sexual healing for over 25 years, she was actually excited to answer my quiz. I couldn't help but feel proud and supported with such enthusiasm!

Linda is a multi-faceted beauty, deeply spiritual and supportive of other women's journey in sexuality. In short, she is a phenomenal woman. Her book, Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality: The Power of the Feminine Way, is a must read for those of us coming into our own divine acceptance.

Here are her answers to my quiz (be sure to try the exercise in 5):
1. How would you define sensuality?
It is the blending of all the senses—including the 6th or intuitive/spiritual sense. At its best it is a total mind-body-spirit connection where you are completely in the moment and in your own experience (not thinking or evaluating).

2. What makes you feel sensual?
Almost anything I can feel—kinesthetically or energetically: warm sun, soft breezes, sensual touch, and emotional connection, especially through the eyes.

3. A moment in my life when I felt most sensual.
Wow, how to narrow it to one. It would have to be making love with total abandon and feeling a merging with the universe. I’ve had a few of these ecstatic sexual unions in my life and each was unique in its circumstances. They have occurred when I’m in the early romantic love stage in a relationship and feeling totally connected with my lover, I wish they could last forever. In my ordinary life it would be when I’m feeling good in my body, having had a fragrant bath, lotion on my skin and wearing sensual clothing—soft and silky.

4. Things around me in my daily life that I find sensual.
The last sentence of # 3 answers this one. I would add that my beautiful Quan Yin garden, when it is in bloom in the spring is a visual sensual delight that I glory in every day.

5. Words of wisdom for other women to discover and accept sensuality.
First, catch yourself in guilty thoughts and visualize them disappearing (or explode them). Then, spend 10 minutes everyday imagining yourself inside your body (ie. out of your head, into your torso) and try to stay with the physical/energetic experience. Also, you can practice squeezing your PC (pelvic floor) muscles every day using your breathing as a way to move the energy up and down your body. Finally, give yourself permission to do one sensual thing for yourself daily—ie. sensual bath, lotion rub, 20 minutes outside breathing in nature, looking at a beautiful art piece or flowers, really enjoying your lover, pleasuring yourself or anything else you can think of—eating would be my last choice because it is an easy sensual pleasure to overdo, but enjoying a lovely ripe piece of fruit would be fine.

Of course, there is much more to this amazing woman than the scanty sentences I put together. If you're interested in more of her wonderful meditative exercises/writings or her book, check out her website at or email her at

Friday, March 25, 2005

unbeautiful = beautiful

Today, I wrote: "I have worked hard to come to this place. The place where I can choose to reach into my darkness and embrace it, instead of hide it away. Sometimes I do not like to stay there long because what I find frightens me dark beauty. Yesterday, I stayed long and took pictures."

My self portrait journey has inspired me to share some moments when I have felt unbeautiful and what it has taught me. Now I ask...When have you felt unbeautiful? and how has it shown your hidden beauty?

A more interesting monthly exam?

Image hosted by

Beneficial ingredients: Boobie Butter is daily topical nourishment for breast tissue, made of herbs and oils that are known to promote healthy breasts. The herbs are hand-harvested in the Siskiyou Mountains, an area renowned for rich biodiversity and pristine watersheds. Because breast skin is thin and absorbent, the herbal constituents carried in the oils move deeply into the breast tissue, helping to promote breast health. Ingredients: yew evergreen tips, plantain, dandelion blossoms, comfrey root, organic olive oil, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil, beeswax, vitamin e, essential oil of balsum peru.

Usage: There is no need to be stingy when it comes to lovin' up your breasts! Slather Boobie Butter on every morning or each evening; use Boobie Butter to sensualize your breast self-exams; have your partner lovingly slather it on for you (our personal favorite)... and reap the benefits of happy, supple breasts!

You can get yourself some at The Blessed Thistle

Thursday, March 24, 2005

insights and psychic abilities.

The results of this color quiz kinda' freaked me out in their accuracy. Pinpointed some issues that I knew but didn't know ... that kind of freaky. Boogity-boo.

Daily Candy featured psychic girl today in it's email. She does readings by phone, instant messenger and in person. I'm tempted, but not tempted enough to spare $75 for a reading. I did, however, enjoy her explanation on how a reading works. I also thinks she has great eyebrows and lovely possession protectors. I think Kali is right up my alley. Which one would you choose?

something to share...

Well, reading Susan's new post, I clicked on the goddess oracle. Kris Waldherr is a fav artist of mine, but I never tried the online reading before.

I picked the creativity option, quickly clicked a card and this is what happened:
The Path of Isis = Ten of Swords

Here's what made me smile:
"Finally the woman arrives at a vantage point where she can see the meeting of earth and sky... Meanings: The perfection of understanding, as expressed in the example of Isis. Wisdom gained after struggle. The ending of a difficult situation. Experience as the best teacher, for better and for worse. Sharing knowledge with others."

I think that sums up what this blog is about. My heart smiles at yours!

letter to a friend from the inside of my head

"I'm really happy to hear that you applied for university today. You seem really excited about this. You can't turn tricks forever, even if you've cut down. You can't dance forever for those you give pleasure and let them grope away all of your drive and your love yourself. That is like air. Yes! Go to university and then move to India where you want to be with a head full of dreads you're planning to grow and a comfort in your skin. I applaud you. You are so young still, so beautiful and you will do great things. Let me show you how beautiful you are with a different kind of music sweet child".

I pick up my camera.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

at the reading

emaciated women
writers and artists
in size 4 flowing dresses

lavishly embellished with
lush flowers women
who look like hungry boys bones

honed sharp with intentional
deprivation grown
women gathered together

to celebrate womanhood
it would take any
three of them to make one me

my breasts alone would break their
backs my hips could wrap
around two looking at me

they see their large fear over-
flowing too much breasts
belly hips curdled thighs thick

flesh old bones cushioned with meat
milk and grandmother's
sweetest autumn rhubarb pie

Sluts enjoy noodles

This interesting find was shared with us by JohnFen. A look at the use of female archetypes in advertising:

The Insatiable Nymph

The Domineering Shrew

The Blabbermouth

The Clueless Woman

The Porno Girl

The Distrustful Woman

The Sex- Starved Housewife

Hey, where's the nag?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

skinwalker (aka my myth)

Gaiagal, your post inspired me...thank you. I introduce to you my myth:

i am a skin walker
donning identities to suit my needs
i am false
a tall tale for bedtimes

i am frightening and frightened
in this place of no where, no thing

i taste ashes, dust mites
and wish for tears
hiding behind my mask

Sometimes self-acceptance is about paradox...darkness playing with light.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Image hosted by

RainWalker Studio
Revealing the Mythic Self

A beautiful site filled with beautiful stories and ideas. Go explore!

I enjoyed the page of goddess masks. Click on each mask for more images and narrative. I play the parts of Persephone and Gaia daily, but recently my circle of friends began referring to me as

Image hosted by

I wouldn't have seen it on my own, and it is true in many ways. I am the weaver of the web of my family, keeping all of us connected in daily tasks and special occasions. I also play the role in my group of friends, creating opportunities for intimacy and communication. I recently lead a ritual using a web at a Blessingway. Then there is my addiction to the world-wide-web.

Which of our mythic selves are you connecting with? Tell us about it in the comments, or create a new post and show us the visual as well. I guess I can't help spinning....

Friday, March 18, 2005

to be luxurious & fat ::: a poem

i want to be
luxurious and
to eat ice cream
by the gallon

i want to be
a renaissance woman
my folds
on velvet & lace

i want a rump
round and rippled
with milk white skin
virgin to the sun

i want breasts
that call themselves
their own
and float
above my chest

i want to live
on an island
slurping coconut milk
and wrap
my mounds & waves
of flesh
in yards of bright blue fabric
and call it a dress

i want my imperfections
to be lauded

for i am
fat & luxurious
eating ice cream
by the gallon

written 9/19/01 when feeling exceptionally proud of the extra junk in the trunk.

If paper towels turn you on...

Then you'll love what Brawny's got in store for you.

Now you can create a custom-made man movie that you can watch whenever you need that special little "boost". (Warning, viewing may cause nausea.)

Here's one I made that you can watch (gave me a very special pain in my heart).

Monday, March 14, 2005

gretchen skillman painter.

I stumbled upon this blog link while looking through my website stats ...

Gretchen Skillman Painter and Modern Painter

My first impression: deep & angsty, rich & earthy. Your impressions?

ladies...start your engines

Women car racers over in Iran are finally getting recognition. Full story here...

one many words?

From the Clash of Cultures set of the wierd and wonderful world of Anna & Barney.

While you're there be sure to check out the Burka Project.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Wonderous Vulva Puppets

Yep. You read that correctly.

2005 Collection

"In a way the puppet has been a life saver. Teaching the anatomy of the door of the goddess usually brings up a lot of emotions and men's faces tend to become pale. However with the the vulva puppet we can explore in a much more fun and relaxed way. This sets an emotional tone of lightness and confidence which is very important for beginners."
~ Raphael More, Oceanic Tantra Teacher

Yes, I can just imagine the men's faces... but pale is possibly the wrong description. Fear, even terror and the acute desire to flee the room. The realisation that the puppet is going to have to join them in the bedroom... it's all too clear.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

breathing life into an old dream

I am working diligently, now that I have a bit of free time, on some of my projects that got pushed to the side. One of the "big ones" was to build an online community of goddesses under A place where women can exceed the limits of their environs (i.e. religion, society, politics, creativity, roles, jobs, etc.) and join me in that sometimes challenging, but incredibly rewarding place of acceptance. Thanks to all of you here and at the Creatrix Collective, that dream is becoming reality.

Now, I am forging ahead and working on building the women-oriented directory of web resources for the community. The problem is that although I am quite the web gopher, my links are based on my perspective and I would like to have links from a multitude of goddess perspectives. If any of you have the time, please visit the directory's five categories and submit your choices to me at creatrix(at) As always, I appreciate your help. xoxo

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Yummy Treats

Good Morning Wonderful Women!

I wanted to share this cool site with ya’ all


I love her cuff bracelets and funky clothes…

being of the freckled variety myself I couldn’t resist the name ;)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Image hosted by

International Women's Day was established in 1910. It is a day to recognize outstanding women who have achieved in the areas of cultural arts, science, health, education, and any other women's work you can think of.

Here is a list of events related to the celebration of women happening around the world.

Is there anything happening near you? Any powerful women in history from your area?

Monday, March 07, 2005

sensual women = instant goddesses!

One of the first adjectives that comes to mind to describe being a woman is sensual. I am interested in what this adjective represents for other women. Thus, I've put together five questions for any of my sisters who come here to visit. Leave the results here or email them to me. I appreciate your feedback and getting to know more about you! xo

As, I wouldn't expect anyone to do anything I haven't first tested on myself...I have posted the questions and my answers on my blog.

Name (real or pseudonym):
Email/Web Address (optional):

1.How would you define sensuality?

2.What makes you feel sensual?

3.If you feel inclined, share a moment in your life when you felt most sensual.

4.What are some things (eg. colors, smells, items, ideas) around you in your daily life that you find sensual?

5.What words of wisdom would you give other women to help them discover or accept their sensuality?

Thursday, March 03, 2005

it's official...we're inspirational!

Cap'n Marrrrk just informed me that he has created a community blog inspired by ours for men/gods. I am thrilled! and will be sure to show my support.
Everyday Avatar

more goddess bead stuff.

Alright, I found the website I was looking for ... Casady Studio, an artist from central Iowa (one of my "neighbors"). I like her twisted sister goddess pendants. How great are they?!?

beaded goddesses.

Running with the goddess theme, I was searching for handmade goddess beads on the BeadStyle forum. In the process found Sassy Art Goddess. Check out her gallery of beaded art dolls.

Another Girl At Play

"Over twenty successful, talented and inspirational women share their stories of how they took their creative dreams and made them real. By sharing their journeys, experiences and wisdom they show that making a living at being creative is possible if only you try.

On Another Girl at Play not only can you meet these smart, creative and unstoppable women but you will also find wonderful links, resources and a monthly newsletter to help you either begin - or continue on - your creative path."

fat naked woman glossary

Sheya Jordon of the Wild Earth Art Co. has gathered a community of women and started a "love based business with a passionate belief in the power of sacred art to create personal and cultural healing." I adore these definitions from the glossary, the goddess prayer flags and the concept of love dollars (scroll down to see how to make them).

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

yoni shields

created by Leslie Olin

Voice inside my head, inside my heart, moving my hands to explore and see. Hear and create. An ancient entity emerges, speaking through the skull of a turtle. Small sacred items, easily overlooked by the bustle of masses, they find places in my work. Shelter, a purpose.
via yOni

btw: so happy to see yOni listed in the links here-- I hadn't visited in a long time and was nice to find new things there...

exceed your prothesis

Ah! A good byline or motto for life, no? In other words...go for it! Embrace your evolving nature and dance naked in the rain. Now, that brings a whole new meaning to "rain dance." *giggle*

In the fall of 2003, while I was a co-facilitator for recurring women's events, I came up with an idea to honor the "shadow" (aka not so shiny parts) within. Inspired by Babylonian myth, I wanted to re-create and revise Innana's descent into the underworld for the participants. Thus, my fellow facilitators and I became four guardians/goddesses of the gates of the underworld. We guided the women through these symbolic gates into their core selves with the aid of ritual and drama. Of course, in order to do that we had to delve deeply into our not so shiny parts. One can't represent a "dark goddess" without the not so shiny parts. *wink!

While researching my chosen goddess, Hekate, I found an article that I still refer to. Though a bit heady, it is a provocative read: Heket, Exceed Your Prothesis by Scott Fray and Pythia.

Some exerpts:
"...we recognize that we have outgrown the projections that have served to extend our grasp. It's time to exceed this prosthesis. A new vessel is needed. Time to crack the chrysalis and enter into a new vulnerability, a new intimacy."

"As humans we ask questions of essence and identity. A tree, by its very nature, can reside in timeless satori, unburdened with a human being's conceptual mind. A housecat is better equipped than we to experience transcendent and unconditional love, having an emotional body that eclipses its mental body."

What I'm taking from it at this very moment: spirituality is an individual and intimate process, an evolution and entwining of thoughts/ideas. We choose our own path and, therefore, can choose to go beyond the path. We are more than titles, categories, affiliations or roles. We are sexy, enlightened women!

Anyone wanna rain dance?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

not so lonely.

Recently, I was perusing Superhero Designs. In reading Andrea's profile, I felt akin as she described the isolation she felt working alone on her business. She writes more about it in her creative business guide. However, I'm glad for the growing network of creative women in independent business I'm finding through the Internet. Yet again, Punky Power!

All Smiles

I can add another item to my gratitude list! I am so delighted to be invited among such talented & creative women… it really is a privilege, thank you
I look forward to sharing with you wonderful ladies, but now I have to go fight my way home through the snow ;)

honored to be here...

Thank you for inviting me ::))

what is this place?

It doesn't matter how you got here or what your beliefs are, it only matters that you are here...sharing this space with your sisters of heart/soul. I offer you my support and hope in turn you do the same for all the goddesses that frequent our space -- a space of acceptance. Thank you, beautiful lovelies, for contributing and please, make yourself at home. Feedback is essential and I need help finding delicious web tidbits and other wonderful women for our community.

keeping things creative

A fellow creative goddess gives some good tips in her Superhero Guide to Designing a Creative Biz.